How to disengage, demotivate and disempower your employees in seven easy steps: Step 1

Step one: act inconsistently or incongruently with your employees.

There are many ways that managers or those wishing to be leaders accomplish this step on a daily basis.  Holding your employees to a standard you do not hold yourself is one of the easiest.  I once worked with an individual who had a manager that would constantly set meetings and then either cancel, show up late or reschedule at the last minute.  This employee would complain that although the manager was inconsistent in his own behavior, he was intolerant to others missing scheduled meeting times.  Another individual mentioned that their company placed its company mission statement around the office.  In the statement was a line about the development of its employees as a valued resource, yet the employees had very little opportunity, encouragement or support for development.

When behaving in an inconsistent or incongruent manner with your employees, you are demonstrating the old adage, “do as I say, not as I do.” However, just as it does not work with children, it does not work with employees either.  A more accurate adage would be, “what you do speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you are saying.”

There is a great deal of research that demonstrates the financial and social costs that a disengaged, demotivated and disempowered workforce has on an organization.  Just as it’s easy to behave in negative ways, it is easy to create positive behaviors that engage, motivate and empower employees.  The COACHED Method provides the guidance for developing those positive behaviors.

Stay tuned for more negative behaviors and how to eliminate them with The COACHED Method.

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